The First Graduation Day Within the e-REAL Lab at the Polytechnic School of Milan

July 2018, Milan, Polytechnic School. For the first time in Italy, a graduation thesis was defended within an e-REAL Lab.

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Enjoy Italian Cultural Heritage Like Never Before: No Matter Where You Live! A Ready-to-Install Package for Museums and Leisure Parks

Experience an exciting gondola ride in Venice and the Canaletto’s masterpieces of arts. Fly like an eagle on the Italian Dolomites mountains and land within the Science Museum in Trento.

Logosnet, Simnova & Polytechnic School of Turin Empower Basic Life Support and Defibrillation Training by Augmented Reality and Holograms

Basic life support and defibrillation training made easy and effective by augmented reality and holograms!

Leading for the Future: An Innovative Package of Leadership and Management Development

Leading for the Future is an innovative package of leadership and management development which has been designed specifically for people in senior leadership positions within a corporation headquartered in Western Europe.

e-REAL to Improve Teamwork and Crisis Resource Management for Labor and Delivery Clinicians at the Center for Medical Simulation in Boston

Improving teamwork and crisis resource management for Labor and Delivery clinicians is a very relevant goal. Brain activity from thoughts, visualization, evocation of memories and emotions should be able to contribute to the learning process, mainly during the early stage of a simulation based program.

Logosnet Brings Microsoft HoloLens to Drive Speed, Creativity and Collaboration

What today we know about learning from cognitive psychology is that people learn by practicing, with feedback to tell them what they’re doing right and wrong and how to get better.