Sep 29, 2018 @ 04:41 PM

Enjoy Italian Cultural Heritage Like Never Before: No Matter Where You Live! A Ready-to-Install Package for Museums and Leisure Parks

Enjoy the Italian cultural heritage, no matter where you live!
Experience an exciting gondola ride in Venice and the Canaletto’s masterpieces of arts. Fly like an eagle on the Italian Dolomites mountains and land within the Science Museum in Trento. Time travel and be present at the Vesuvio volcano’s eruption in Pompei and Ercolano in 79 A.D. Enjoy Italian cultural heritage no matter where you live, thanks to augmented reality (AR) within an e-REAL portable lab ready to install anywhere in the world, within a museum or a leisure park.
A taste of the Italian cultural heritage in a few minutes Thousands of people did so last year at the Italian Embassy in Washington, DC: a few minutes are enough to discover masterpieces of arts, monuments, museums and landscapes that are unique. Our ready-to-install package is available for museums and leisure parks all around the world: A truly immersive experience, amusing and fascinating, enhanced by augmented reality. A number of different paths are waiting for you!
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